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The Tradition of Japanese Warrior Arts

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Aikido is a Japanese martial art that has as its central aim the notion of weaponless self defense. The practice aims to keep the attacker injury free. This martial art…

The Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Martial Arts

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Children are adventurous creatures who deserve outlets where they can release all of their pent-up energy and creativity.  Martial arts is a great activity for children to be involved in….

What Differentiates Japanese Martial Arts from Other Combat Forms

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When discussing the topic of  Japanese martial arts, you may picture individuals in robes striking each other while shouting loudly. It’s important to understand that Japanese martial arts encompass a…

The World of Martial Arts: Aikido Training Benefits the Body and Spirit

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Unlike other forms of fighting, martial arts are generally built upon a philosophical foundation. Aikido, for instance, was crafted as a way of unifying life energy. In fact, the term…