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two individuals practicing aikido as the sun sets in the background

Is Aikido An Effective Form of Exercise for Adults?

| Aikido Classes for Adults, El Paso TX | No Comments

As we age, we begin to get stagnant. Perhaps the routine of your professional life has caused you to calcify or maybe there aren’t enough hours in the day to…

a woman practicing self defense at an aikido academy

Center Yourself in the Fast-Paced World with Self Defense Classes

| El Paso TX, Self Defense Classes | No Comments

Although El Paso constantly ranks as one of the safest cities in the nation, bad things still happen to good people. By partaking in self defense classes, you’ll be able…

Start the New School Year with Aikido Youth Classes

| Aikido Youth Classes, El Paso TX | No Comments

As we enter the month of September, students all across the El Paso area are quickly settling into the flow of things. The stress of school, homework, extracurricular activities, and…

two aikido practitioners

Aikido Lessons for Beginners: Strengthen Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

| Aikido Lessons for Beginners, El Paso TX | No Comments

Martial arts are named that because they truly are an art form. Much like a painting or interpretive dance, martial arts make use of naturality to create something beautiful. In…