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two adult men practicing aikido on the coast of a body of water

Famous People Who Practice Aikido

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If you ever looked up a list of famous and well-known aikido practitioners on Wikipedia, you’ll see a variety of individuals who live both interesting and common lives. Among the…

two aikido practitioners practicing

Aikido: The Way of Harmony with the Spirit

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There’s a sense of peace that tends to manifest when we exercise. Be it going for an early morning jog or bench pressing weights at the gym, we manifest a…

aikido students sitting in a row

Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Aikido, Answered!

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Martial arts are an incredibly popular option for children and adults alike to exercise and learn self-defense. Although karate and taekwondo may be the most popular martial arts, there are…

two individuals partaking in an aikido duel

How Aikido Can Improve Your Life

| Aikido Classes for Adults, El Paso TX | No Comments

Aikido may not be as popular as karate or tae kwon do but it’s still an incredibly useful martial art style. For starters, it’s a great way to stay in…